At different stages of your life, you will have different needs for insurance to protect your family.  

We help you work out how much money you might need to look after your family if you have an accident, suffer from  a serious illness, or aren’t around for them.  Then we look at how much you would like to pay in premiums, and help you work out the best balance between affordability and cover.

As time goes on, we can review your existing cover, and advise you if it’s no longer suitable for your needs.

There are several different types of insurance you can have: these are the three main categories.

  • Term assurance pays out a lump sum on death; the policy lasts for a fixed period of time, and then terminates.  Some policies will also pay out if you become seriously ill.
  • Whole of life cover.  This also pays out a lump sum on death, but the policy lasts for the whole of your life.  It is therefore much more expensive than term assurance
  • Income protection.  This pays out an income (or sometimes a lump sum) if you can’t work, either because of accident or illness.